My Gay Misadventures
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2003-04-18 07:41:05 (UTC)


Oh. looks like i over-reacted. Michael was at that bike
show, and when he got back, his eye got infected or
something, and he was sorta blind for a day. Good thing i
didnt do anything stupid.

Ka-blah! Aint this a bitch...to start off...I went with
Michael to practice again. I met a new friend of his,
Mouse, who looks like Tacy lords, but sounds evil. I
likey...Anyway...seeing how we be in a truck, me and My lil
Pony sat in the back. Some time passed, and i finaly
brought up the topic of relationships. He's only had 2 real
ones (one male, one female)...but the entire male one he
was on X, and didnt know what was goin on half the
time...Anyway, he said he's afraid of being Commited,
because he gets bored with people if he's under
that "taken" status. He said he likes to keep things
open...but that he's picky...Like I fuckin care, I hate
open relationships...I dunno...this sucks. stupid
indecisive Bisexuals! curse em all! O'well...the only way
that buggar can even touch another man and get away with
it, is if im invited. damnit....Annnnnnnnnnnyway--

Im becomeing more interested in this Fire troope of his. It
seems like a decent hobby, and would keep me busy. Although
Im far from even concidering it...Im just intriged at the

Bah!...What did i do last night...Oh...I spent the night at
the Mouse's house...She took me and Michael to a few Planet
K's to just hang out 'N shit...later they went to some guys
house to do some kind of drug. I just remembering seeing
some tank, some baloons, and a bunch of stonners...I didnt
bother joining their brain cell poppin frenzy...Michael did
though...im glad I made him feel bad, maybe he wont do it
next time. That silly Twit.

There is this Goth Fest thing on Saturday...Im not in the
mood to go. Maybe next time.