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2003-04-18 07:33:39 (UTC)

BANJOES, and Conan Obrian

ok so since i have insomnia and can't sleep to save my life
i'm watching Leno(personal tradition whenever i'm up past
midnight which is most nights) and they have Matchbox 20
on. It was so wikkid one of the guys was playing a
banjoe!!!!!!!!!!!! ok i'm weird and need more sleep but it
was so cool. i have officially passed from bizzare to
cpmpletley cracked!!

ok and the insomnia rolls on cos now i'm watching Conan. and fuck
does thatman freak the shit out of me. if anyone hasn't noticed i
like swearing. a lot. anyway back to the topic. Conan Obrian is
one of the scariest people on the planet. he is at the very top of
the list that includes Marilyn Manson. how fucked up is that?? i am
more scared of a guy that host a late night talk show than marilyn
manson!! ok NOW i should go to bed. i have a long day tomorrow of
trying to ignore myu mother in order to not get myself into a six
foot pile of shit. but knowing myself i am probably gonna end up
ther anyways no matter what i do!!!

once again adios!!