2003-04-18 06:13:16 (UTC)

there there


how absurd is this? 2 entries in one week...but who can
it be now? who can it be now?

if my marsupial pouch could talk it would say the
following things:

excuse me young sir...can you please fill me with deluxe
mixed nuts?
stop looking at me like that!
what happened to her god she got so fat since high school!
guys my juice is leaking all over the place!
i wonder what its like to be tight foreskin?

so its official now...I am for sure HOT! i've been
talking to this strange boy who always wants me to call
him alex and he tells me that we are hot so i have no
choice but to believe him...

its funny because today this other strange boy who totally
stole my fedora hat and thinks i didn't notice (your red
chain is mine bitch!) took me for a ride in the back of
his car...he then proceeded to rape me at which point i
ripped off his testicles like this...(doing testicle
ripping motions) ya like that...

*does nomi malone hands*

i once new a girl named natalie...i still know her. she's
busy raping her acting professor/coach/lesbian

i also want to establish at this point...oh excuse me a
second my msn decided to attach itself back to its
server...oh well look at that no one is
depressingly HOT am i?

onto more better funner upper things...i've decided that
peeing on other people is fun...

did i ever tell anyone about the time that i peed on that
guy? oh i didn't? that's because i just made that up...

im off...

to watch my new porno entitled "The Bartender"...its 200
megs so it better be worth it...