skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-04-18 05:38:41 (UTC)

Turns Me To Stone....... A U2 song

Well today has been a day full of nothingness. I didnt do
anything all day. Well besides watch cartoons and eat and
do push ups. I also talked to Denise and Ashley and Susie.
Me and Ashley and Susie are going to hang out tomorrow at
the beach. Hopefully it doesnt rain. Denise is going to
disneyland with a couple of friends. Oh yeah today was
weird cause everyone went shopping. Denise and ashley went
to go shop and so did Susie. But hopefully i'll have some
fun tommorrow. I think that im going to build a sand castle
and eat hotdogs tomorrow and if i dont then may god whistle
dixie. Right now im listening to a c.d that i made. It has
the aquabats, the ataris, frank sinatra, goldfinger, reel
big fish, and other bands too. So yea thats it from me.

Question of the day: What will tomorrow have in store for

Song of the day: " Addicted" by simple plan

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