No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-04-18 04:52:42 (UTC)


Hello don't you know me I'm the dirt beneath your feet The
most important fool you forgot to see!

wow my life sucks.

I got my fucking period in 3rd then Laurie & Sean fought at
lunch (the ass called her dumb) so we went home. I had to
work all by myself bc Monica had a meeting w.DCF so that
was 3 hours of unrelieved boredom. After work I picked Lola
back up and came home to get ready (we wanted to go to the
movies) then went to JDs to get Dre and Sean. They were
acting really weird and like distant. JD and Daniel were
playing pool and Sean was building a house w.Leggos so me &
Lauire sat in the armchair. Dre came up to me and out of
nowhere just grabbed me by the throat. I know he didnt mean
to do it hard (at least i hope not) but it knocked all the
wind outta me and hurt real bad. I got pissed and started
throwing bouncy balls at him and he started throwing them
back. I duck just in time and one hit me in the temple (it
woulda got my eye) and I got even more mad. I wrote out 'I
hate u!' w.Leggos and laid down on the couch and he got
pissy and went outside. I sent Sean & JD out there so me &
Lola could talk then we were hungry so we went out there
too. Neither of them wanted to come so we went to Taco
Bell for about 30 min. Craig was working (he was manager
for the night). When we got back Dre was ignoring me then
said he wanted to go to work (it was 10:35, he works at KnK
about 5 min-or less-away and had to be there at 11) so I
brought him and he just got out of the car. He walked
around to my window and said bye to Laurie and Sean then
said ILU then was like 'cya kerri'. not even a kiss. i
drove away and pulled onto a side street and asked sean
what that was about (and cried). then the 3 of us went to
WalMart and I stole the 10 Things I Hate About You
soundtrack and bought a garbage can for our apartment (oh and Laura are moving to Tallahassee). Then when I
dropped Sean off he did pretty much the same asshole thing
to Lola. GRR. Guys suck! then I dropped Laurie off. Now Im
listening to Letters to Cleo.
Grr...I bit off 2 nails and have a pimple! Stress or PMS?!
Im so confused about my life right now!
It shouldnt be like this!
Ever wished u could go back in time? say...1 yr and 7
months? Maybe things woulda turned out different. But u
never know right? ppl make mistakes so oh well. Cant change
the use trying now.
Or even go back 6 years. Steve knows what Im talking about
there! Im sorry u hafta go thru that bullshit to homie! Im
here for ya.
Doesnt it suck when the one time u get to hang out with one
of ur bff in the past like 5 months it ends up w.tears!
Im gonna go wallow in self-pity now.
Hell at least its Sping Break right? Fuck this week is
gonna suck just as bad as every other week in the past yr
and a half! only good thing...I get to see my bro
(hopefully)! We may be going to GA next Thu-Sat. If 5 yrs?! ARGH!!