x failure by design x
2003-04-18 04:46:56 (UTC)

im sick of people thinking they..

im sick of people thinking they could get away with talking
to me like im a child. does it look like i like it? does it
look like i like feeling like im two foot tall? you cant
just say whatever you want and expect it not to pinch my
nerves. am i a fool for not saying anything about it or for
just plain lettin you do it in the first place. u must have
some kind of ego to think u can tell someone that they are
shit and not feel like shit yourself. they day will come my
friends when u relize just how precious your friendships
can be, and maybe then ull relize the result of ur actions
and words, and how much u wish u had that one special
person still in ur life...

does a wish off a star really come true? how do they choose
which one gets to be granted?

im waiting for you to call, the hope puts a smile on my
face because i know ive found someone who cares. the hour
hand has spun way passed twelve now and my ears have not
heard your angelic voice. ill make up some lame excuse to
read to my heart, ill write it on pretty paper and tie it
with a bow and my brain will read it with the sweetest of
tones. ill make up an excuse for you this time, cause baby
dont you know im a fool. ive just met you and your already
lettin me down. im the angel who makes the most mistakes
and soon they are gonna kick me out of my heaven, cause
soon my hearts gonna break down my brains door and see all
the blue prints of my lying plans to it... and its not
gonna take it anymore... my brain is just trying to save my
heart from cuttin more and more of its body off with its
razorblade it calls love.. maybe that is its destiny, to
never be happy.