forever changing
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2003-04-18 03:26:43 (UTC)

two idealst two ideas

I AM SUCH AN IDIOT!!!! i have been typing on and off today
and i had written quite a bit but guess what i went to edit
and add more on and being the moron i am i hit "erase"
grrrr i really annoy myself sometimes.
one thing i was talking about was that i was goint o see if
zoe still liked david and if she did just give up and that
i am to the point where any pain that could have been
caused by my giving up would be moot because of thye fact
that i am more or less numb to all of that crap. but then i
was talking to zoe and she doesn't still like david all
that much anymore and so i am now allowed to like him and
so that is a good thing but i am not goin to ask him out
right now i want to take some time.
i went to town yesterday because ashley needed to go to the
clinic for a test and so we went and met up with mike and
it was really cool. i never really got to know mike before
for one reason or another and so i finally talked to him
and he is really cool. we were talking about apc and all
this stuff and he and matt used to be best friends so he
let me in on a little secret about matt and that is matt is
more or less and idealist and if something doesn't go the
way he wants it to he will break it off. i am also an
idealist but in a different way. with me i am looking for
someone who i can add into and we can build things around
both of us, where as matt wants to find someone who will
fit into his idea of a perfect person and will just fit
into his world. basicaly we are two idealists with two
different ideas
i have some more i wanted to write but i will put that