REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-18 02:55:56 (UTC)

im leavin for canada tomarrow morning

hey everyone tomarrow im leaving for canada..its gonnabe
pretty gay though. owell im glad we FINALLY have a break
from school! 5:00 in the morning maaaan!!!! anyway i like
someone hehehhehehhe!! its a secret! actually not but w00t
w00t!!! finally im over ya know..atleast i think i am.
well i have to pack cause i didnt even pack i didnt even
think about packing until my mom told me to ;) me and
vanessa are on the fone! im gonna miss you all!!:'( well
ill be back soon thought sorry i cant write alot i gotta
pizzle cause i gott back! ill write when i get back. but
if i get my hands on a computer ill write to you all! bye
-thin of me