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2003-04-18 01:59:47 (UTC)


It's a couple minutes before class starts so I figured I
would write a short entry. I was looking at my digital
images from a year ago. There are some really cool ones.
I was busy posting them on the web.

As I was doing that it occured to me that I had given Dave
one with him and John in it. I wonder if he still has it
up on his fridge or not? It would be interesting to find
out. I am guessing he took it down because of E. If it is
still up I would jump for joy.

I talked to Dave for a bit today. He is doing alright. We
talked about general life stuff. I spilled chocolate ice
cream on myself while we were chatting and he offered to
come lick it off for me. When I told him to hurry up and
get his sexy ass over here he did not say anything. He
seems to be doing stuff like that more. Only letting our
sexual conversations go so far and then he stops.

I was beginning to think the whole change I sensed was
really something was doing. It now appears that we both
have changed a bit since he and E. got together. Last
night I said hello to him twice and he did not respond back
to me. Shortly after the first time he got off and then
back on MSN. I figured that was the problem, but he
ignored me a second time.

I got really mad about it and decided not to talk to him
until he messaged me. Thankfully he messaged me this
afternoon. I did not want to have to bring his seeming to
ignore me up in conversation. The last thing I want is to
have him pissed off at me for something. I know if I said
I was frustrated about it then he might tell me we ought
not to talk then.

I have come to the conclusion that we get one good
conversation in per week. At least that is how it was this
week and last week. I don't know if I would rather that or
a good five minute conversation with him every day. That
would be a tough choice to make.

It's just something to ponder while attempting to sleep
some night.

Class is about to start so I will sign off. It's not one I
can sit and type through if I want to learn anything.