Book of Suicide
2003-04-18 00:35:50 (UTC)

make it stop

put a bullet in my head
make these thoughts dead
make the rhythm stop
put it through my skull
make these thoughts dull
the rhythm drums nonstop

slash my wrists clean
make these thoughts serene
make the aching stop
slash me with a blade
make these thoughts fade
the aching rips nonstop

why are the feelings back again
I thought I'd lost them way back when
here they come to take my blood
all this pain flows in floods through me

tighten the noose around my throat
make these thoughts far and remote
make the hatred stop
tighten where my words come from
make these thoughts all go numb
the hatred kills nonstop

lose me in this maze
make these thoughts a haze
make the illusions stop
lose what i meant to you
make these thoughts so untrue
give me something to live for

i've given my heart away too many times
i've listened to the blues and heart-wrenching rhymes
but it's over, all over
i quit this fuckin game

hoping in vain
hoping in vain
open my veins
slash at my veins
cut away this pain
run from this pain
here it comes again
here it comes again
i'm dying within... myself