2003-04-17 23:26:35 (UTC)


Wow... I love how i get a week off from school but I STILL
can't do anything because i have friggin karate every
night. Not like my friends do anything anyway "I wanna do
something tonight" "ok! let's go to the mall!" "no.. i
wanna go to the movies" "OK!" yeah... that's how most of
my plans go. Hopefully it'll get better next year, that
doesn't look too promising though :- I'd say to just make
the best of what i can do now, but i dont see a way to...
unless you call blowing $30 to sit through some movie or
walk around for 3 hours with wannabe thugs surrounding
you "the best of things" whatever, it's not like there are
older people i'd wanna hang out with anyway. I pretty much
screwed myself over with any chances i could've had

summer= WAY too far away

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