Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-04-17 22:02:12 (UTC)

7. Fields Of Gold - Sting (It HAS to be Sting)

I remember falling in love with this song when it first
came out, it was when I still copied the chart from the
radio - and I remember this so well, it was on a black
cassette, with a scuffed white label, and it was really
far towards the end of the side, but Runaway Train by Soul
Asylum (CHONG!) was on it as I played it back.

It beautiful. Really is. Its the stillness and
tranquillity of the falling in love in the song, the
imagery of the corn blowing ever so gently in the wind -
nature blowing a natural cover over natural things.

Sting's voice, as well, is so deep and soothing -
the 'promises' bit - it almost brings me to tears each
time I listen to it. And, as some of you know, its really
affected my ideas of falling in love - of romance,
certainly, of sharing time and life and love with
somebody. I suppose it was the emotion that came through
this song that started to make me want to do that.

Took me away from that wanting to 'do' everyone they knew,
to wanting to get to know more and more people, in the
hope that one day I could have somebody with whom I can
walk in fields of gold.

WILT? You know what I'm listening to. Do It With Madonna
by The Androids. No, of course not really.