Remember to Breathe
2003-04-17 16:53:55 (UTC) diary can legally drink

I stayed up again all night last night. I am going home
for Easter break today. Well needed, I must say. Brett's
ex girlfriend was up here yesterday. She came to give him
a ride home. I didn't see her but I heard she looks just
like Avril Lavigne. Way too much competition for me. Lack
of sleep has made me very emotional today. I can spend
some good quality time with my sister tonight though. She
is just like a mother to me, which usually gets on my damn
nerves, but tonight it will be comforting. As each day
goes on I dread school being done. Don't get me wrong, I
am as sick of homework and class as the average Joe, but I
am going to miss having real friends. Granted, I have
friends in Minot, but they aren't real. They are party
friends. I mean, I haven't known these Smith boys very
long, but they have been so completely nice and honest
with me. I am very greatful for them all. The only
exception I still have is the entire Brett thing, but I
know I would be over him if something better came along,
but as of yet, it hasn't. All I can do is sigh.

"this is way beyond my remote concern of being
-The Shins-
"Caring Is Creepy"