2003-04-17 10:51:16 (UTC)

untitled 2

nothing much happening. same feelings. the amplitude is
about the same, but the frequency is faster. gotta write
since the emails are telling me to too much. im talking to
myself a lot more. depression is getting better, but
perhaps a little more schizotypal, maybe. im just
interpretting htings a lot more deeper. still unsocialable.
still guilty. maybe ive wised up and avoided mistakes and
sins more. or ive gotten better at repression. my
repression = other's average logic. im trying hard to be
normal and get over things like normal people. but thats as
far as ill conform. i should start a band. or something.
nothing much to write about, i dont wanna start ranting
about meaningless crap. i could be here all night. its too
late anyway. sleep is very very good for me. i love slumber.