the magenta files
2003-04-17 07:18:08 (UTC)

please ...or: "okay, Mom has pictures of Jesus in here"-cat

"i am wearing red lipstick because i believe Madeline Kahn
would have wanted me to."

Can i be Madeline Kahn?
I can wish.
I'm not even asking for the opera voice, she was an
amazing singer you know, but just the way. She could just
be Madeline Kahn, and that's all you ever had to know.

Same goes for Joan Cusak, she only has to be Joan Cusak, no
questions asked. Sure, she is different characters while
acting- as actresses are, but she never has to be someone
else's form of such.

So, yes, Joan Cusak would be nice, anything half as
great would be wonderful to be.
I'm just asking, can i be Madeline Kahn?

-forgive the impertinence