Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-04-17 07:05:42 (UTC)

Questions No-One Will Answer?

The title make itself an offer, due to the question mark.

1. If the universe is constantly expanding, then what is
a) Outside the universe for it to expand into and b) It
made of (this outer universe thing.

2. The way weather works, does it mean that there is the
same weather for everyone, but it somewhere else every
day, so say there is
23 rains
16 snows
30 suns
2 storms
do they move around affecting people at different times,
or is all the world's weather different?

3. What does it matter if you go forward in a time
machine? Surely that makes it some kind of stasis system?

4. Why cannot I sympathise without sounding sarcastic. I
was at it again yesterday....

WILT? Rock With You - Michael Jackson