Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-04-17 06:59:40 (UTC)

These Are (Still) The Days That Dreams Are Made Of..

Been so good since I came back up from Norwich. I (think)
I've been out every night since Saturday, though today is
an R&R day ahead of tomorrow's afternoon & evening of fun.
Yesterday was great. Old style sandwich lunch from
Maughan's (you'll have to have known me long-time for that
to make sense) and then sitting in the sun with a bev.

Bit of football in the afternoon, and another bev. Great
football as well, the only problem being that we kept
having to go fetch the ball from about 50 yards away, cos
it just ran off - the weather's been so nice, it was just
sporadically grassed dust. Which is alright, though it
hurt people's feet a bit.

Then there was the Manchester U - Arsenal game (See how I
get annoyed with Manyoo) which was tense, exciting,
controversial and ultimately indecisive, ending in a 2-2
draw. As predicted at the bar. Great, it was, the day. And
then, even better, no hangover now! You can't buy things
like that. You really can't. Anyhow. Must be on. Got to...

Ah, that's it. Nothing.

WILT? Are You Gonna Go My Way - The Kravitz