files of the weenie kid
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2003-04-17 06:42:16 (UTC)

my big toe hurts

My band is playing a show at the Anywhere Cafe on
saturday!! I'm heck of excited. On another note, my brother
got up in church today and said what he was grateful
for...and he said he was grateful for me. He told the story
of how my mom used to work and I pretty much raised him and
Taylor, I was hecka crying, it was so sweet, and then I got
up and gave him a big hug. I love my brother, he's so cute,
it's awesome to see him growing up into a young man, he's
realizing what life is all about. That was sweet.

I got a prom date. Yup, a date for my senior prom! It's
Nathan. It's gonna be hecka awesome to go to my senior prom
with my best friend in the whole world! I'm happy about

I hecka love my cousin Jonathon, he's my favorite cousin in
the whole world! He's just the most adorable little kid I
have ever met