Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-04-17 06:22:14 (UTC)

Lara Where are you?

Well I am at uni... hmmm I came in for like a 15 minute
interview with my tutor but i've stayed here for ages
because now I am gonna hang out with Kaelah and Gab
tonight, and we are gonna go back to Kaelah's tonight...
that is why I am typing at 4 in the afternoon. I got an
alright mark for my Creative Industries assignment... 14.5
out of 20.. not awesome but apparently Kate (my tutor)
said it was a really good mark so yeah I am happy with
that then. Awwww... I am talking to Jewels and she is
being so nice.. she just said this to me: "u r like no
other that i have or doubt i ever will meet - dont ever
change coz u r such an individual and that is very
special" she is so cool jewels.. I love ya joolies.. yay!
Hmmm I was sposed to hang out with Lara today, but I
couldn't find her (sad face) I so wanted to see my Lara,
cos she is the maddest person... hmm oh wells.. i will
have to wait until schoolies to go back to the whitsundays
and see her again. Hmm well tonight will be cool, yaya! I
wanna try and sneak into the Ben Harper and Jack Johnson
concert.. man.. ben haprer will be playing only like 100
metres away from where I am sitting right now.. and I have
to see him! arrrgh! One of my friends is going to the
Blues and roots festival over the weekend... and he
doesn't even like blues that much! what the hell! I am
jealous! I am also jealous of Lara as she is seeing Ben
tonight and I am not! arrrg! I am listening to my cds on
the Uni computers. I just put in Rage Against the
Machine's self-titled album.. very cool.. I love rage..
they are my fav heavyish band.. definitely. Ohh I am going
to "splendour in the grass" That is gonna be the coolest
weekend ever. yes! hmmm... That is enough for now.. i will
get back to my random web surfing now... bye!

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