The Nightshade Princess
2003-04-17 02:25:20 (UTC)

The glory of recognition

I am long overdue for a new entry. Thus, here I sit
in my cold, metal chair, typing when I should be sleeping.
I am tired, and tomorrow I am likely to be in a LOT of
pain, as I am always at this time of the moon. I got to
see my love again. We went to another poetry night, and I,
as usual, was one of the main poets. I got the crowd to
laugh, I got them to think (I hope) and garnered the praise
I love. It is wonderful to be recognized for my poetry!!!
LesTaT did not seem happy again. I believe he mistook a
couple of my poems. A friend of mine told me of his
observations, and I worry he may be right. In poetry,
often the most obvious meaning is the one which the writer
did not intend. It has gotten many of us into just so
many "pots of hot water." Anyway, it was glorious! I must
go now... no great revelation tonight, I fear.