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2003-04-17 01:14:48 (UTC)

spring break

ahhh no school. how wonderful. too bad its already half way
over, huh?

soo lets see what i've done lately. well, saturday i had a
softball game, which we won even though we only had 6
players. we had to borrow some outfielders from the other
team, but i dont think they tried very hard, those losers.
then sunday i had softball practice, and only 3 people were
there! but it was actually really fun. then monday i had
another softball game, which again we won despite not
having very many people. then tuesday practice again, but a
couple more people were there this time. whats with people,
thinking they can go away on spring break or something?
they must be confused....

so, to sum up, i havent done much but softball. a little
bit of driving, actually i just got back from driving my
dad to home depot (again!) and it was really scary cause
i'd never driven in the dark before...ahhh. but i survived,
obviously. soo monday lauren and dad went to visit UVA,
since thats where she's going to college. i was all by
myself at home, so i watched movies...first bring it on,
which isnt like the best movie ever but as i was telling
pam, jesse bradford (cliff) was really really gorgeous.
ahhh. and then i watched HP and the Chamber of
Secrets...and then i went out and bought the soudntrack to
it, along with the soundtrack to LOTR Two Towers. good
stuff. then yesterday....i spent most of the day on my
hands and knees on the stairs, filling in all the itty
bitty miniscule nail holes with wood putty. an annoying
task, but necessary before we can stain the wood. so that
was about 4 hours of great fun. then today i got up and cut
the grass before it got too hot. fun stuff. oh yeah, and
yesterday i watched sweet home alabama too, with lauren. so
back to today...after i cut the grass i talked to the
neighbors outside for awhile....then lauren went to work
for Mr Bethke for awhile and i cleaned my room. and man,
did my room need cleaning. i love the feeling of a freshly
cleaned room. lol its so neat....and itll be like that for
all of two days, i assure you. and now you're all caught up
on my life. arent you glad? :)

ok so i just wanna say something real quick. when people
call on the phone (cough ryan bethke cough) they need to
get a clue as to when its me and not lauren.....grrr. so
ryan just like starts talking to me like im lauren...i
mean, you'd think he would know his own girlfriends voice!
anyway, its annoying. and speaking of ryan...he's
apparantly definitely coming on our annual NY trip to my
grandparents house. and there are gonna be tons of
relatives there.....i cant see why he would find that
entertaining, but they're excited that he gets to meet
everyone. but you know, they're only 18 & 19! whats with
meeting the extended family? used to be meeting the parents
was a big deal...... lol. not that i'd know anything about
it. but anyway.

geez, its already 9:15.

where does the time go when its not around here? (from a
BNL song)

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