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2003-04-17 01:09:02 (UTC)

long way from home...

so i dont think i update yesterday so here's yesterday and
then today...
yesterday i came home from school. call brandon and ask
him if he wants to jam at julians house. he agrees. so
then i call melissa, she stops by and gives me
some "treats". she takes me to julians, brandon pulls up
right behind us. brandon, me and julian make noise for
some time. brandon gives me a ride home. i the pop
the "treats" in my mouth. sat in anticipation, ate dinner,
stomach ache, stomache ache...BAM! i started trippin
balls. next thing i now i'm in a world of happiness.
everything is so vivid. i loved it. keene came over, we
hung out. sleep. today... came home from school. did
homework. went online and tried to find something to do.
brandon was also bored so he came over. we hung out.
skateboared a little (haven't done that in a while),
actually we boxed a little, and just sat around. then
tongiht nothing much. well that's a summary.
well i'm kinda bumming again. life's slow. but when i was
on shrooms i was so happy. but drugs aren't the way to
deal with you're problems they're just fun. anyway not
much to say. i'm just kinda in a down mood. but sometimes
friends help and other times they dont. it happens.

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