skankin jesse

what a world
2003-04-17 00:43:08 (UTC)

It will be grand..... The Ataris

Well today was another boring day so far. All I did was go
to newsstaff and hang out there. I woke up at 9 and then i
got ready and headed up to the school. But no one was there
so I went over to starbucks and got a coconut drink which
was ok for the first 5 drinks then after that it got pretty
nasty. Then i walked over to the school and Eric and Astrid
were there so we went to the room and worked on the paper
for a while but since no one was there we couldnt place our
stories. Then we went to go and get food. Astrid got rocky
colas, I got Ricks and Marco polos and Eric got Marco
polos. Then we went back and my friendt Ronnie was there.
So we helped him on his senior project and then he gave me
a ride home and that was about it. Now im just waiting to
hang out with Denise and Lindsey. I think were going to
watch a movie at Denise's. So yeah that was about it today.

Question of the day: Will I get a g/f ever?

Song of the day: "Teenage Riot" by The Ataris

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