REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-04-17 00:06:06 (UTC)

tomarrows last day till spring break

omg yay! tomarrows the last day until spring break!!! w00t
w00t!! and no softball tomarrow!!!!!!! but...i got

today we won our softball game against holmdel! and you
would think they would be really really good! but we beat
them! it was a good game! nice job ladies!

you know whats fun? when we take the bus ride to and back
from the game..when were on the bus we prank call 4 1 1!
its sooo fun haha! me and vanessa are the dominateing team
of prank callin! lolz...

*bff vaness!*


rslkfjwe language for im hungry

billy anania you suck

i love my friends

i got homework

im really hungry

im leaving for cananda on friday

ill miss you guys

im pizzlin cause i got nothing to write about

*ill catch yer ass*