Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2003-04-16 23:28:45 (UTC)

no more no more no more

I'M FREE!!!!!!! no more nolan no more no more!!!! i'm so
happy. i was so sick of all his shit.....he was a bad bf
but i guess i never wanted to admitt it. man it's greate i
just feel chill not haveing a bf. of course i'm never gonna
talk to that asshole again becuase we got into all this
shit with him and it was terrible but it's ok now. i had to
take a drug test with becca and i passed but i dunno if she
did yet, i hope so becuase it would be totally wrong if she
did'nt. I hope she does really, she did'nt drink as much
water as me so....i dunno. anyway, shits cool now, bf's
make me so stressed and i start breaking out. the only
reason i ever have zits is becuase i get stressed so much.
on vacca i dont have a single zit on my face it's awsome.
well i dunno what els there is to say i'm not gonna start
tlkaing in detale becuasei dont have patience to do that so

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