Bonnie Rey

The beginning... It's easier from h
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2003-04-16 23:28:08 (UTC)


well this will be my second entry to this. A lot has
happened to me lately that has made it impossible to really
get on here. I have been sick and depressed which is
partly my fault. I drink too much and I dont' get enough
sleep. Plus I have been setting myself up for failure
which isn't good either.

I met this hott girl last weekend and she was so beautiful,
but she came here with some of my friends and they dont'
know about me. She wasn't like me either so it wouldn't
have mattered.

I think that my life is in a mess right now and I dont'
want to go on living like this. I want to get out of
school (even if i don't finish). I want a job. I want a
house and a dog. I want to start living like a normal
person instead of living in this fairytail world of school.


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