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2003-04-16 22:32:23 (UTC)

Ring a ding

I am the satisfied and proud new owner of a one carat
diamond engagement ring set in a platinum band. I am
talking brilliant round here people. 4 pronged instead of
6. It catches the light so brightly this thing glows in the
I always thought that when I got an engagement ring it
would not be big, I mean, I have never been so
materialistic (or smart) that I choose men based on the
size of their wallets. Size does matter to me, but I am not
talking about the wallet. And my man does have that!
My cousin recently got married and her and the husband
basically hate each other. They have never been
affectionate with each other, not even on their wedding
day. It is sad really. I mean, I danced more with her
husband on their wedding day than she did. (which is not
saying much; this girl is LAZY) But still. He is huge and
wears a size 14 shoe. I found out today that his shoes size
is the only long thing about him! Alright, I kind of knew
that. I can always tell by the way a guy acts.
My boyfriend though, is very secure, gentle, and very kind
to others. He does not flip out EVER and is just all around
even tempered and humble. And he is HUNG. Usually a guy
with a small penis will be much more aggressive in everyday
dealings and brag constantly.
My other cousin got married too. THese cousins are younger
than me and had both been with their men for no longer than
3 months when they made these decisions, mind you. THis
cousin walked in to find her husband stomping up and down
on her vibrator, till it was smashed to nothingness, saying
he was doing it because he did not want her to use it
without him.
What is wrong with this picture?
I'll tell you right now, he has to have a small penis.
I hate small ones. I am sorry, but if you have ever screwed
anyone with a small penis before you must know what I mean.
It is disgusting and vile to me. I have reached that point
of no return on more than one occassion with a "gentleman"
and unfortunatly I had not sized him up yet. I will tell
you it takes overything I have not to freak out and scream.
It to me, almost feels like a rape at that point. What a
fucking dissapointment I used to think. God get me outta
here, I would mutter to myself.
oh god I am greatful for what I have.

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