Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
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2003-04-16 22:01:33 (UTC)


Oh God this week was such a great week. It's not good to
start off something like this with a lie but its better
than the truth. Umm...Monday, I called my b/f, cried really
hard, then called my best friend Isaac. Tuesday, I cried,
cried some more, oh and had track practice then and Monday.
I also got walked in on by an old guy who I'm scared is
going to molest me when I was in the shower, got bitched at
cuz I locked my door in my room, and anything else
interesting, I dunno, I think I forgot. Today, um...not
much. Didn't talk hardly, just sat there. Interesting huh??
Well, that's my lyfe. I got my best gurl Christin here w/
me, Isaac, my long distance buddy who knows everything and
gives the best advice (no offense Christin), and Nikole,
the adorable one who has no clue about what's going on but
tries and knows when your down and helps with her hugs, all
to help me through this shit. I got my b/f who I'm
absolutly crazy about but haven't talked to him in a while
too. Better go, see ya.

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