The crazy world of me
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2003-04-16 20:55:41 (UTC)


Hey what is going on people? I haven't wrote in like so
long but for real not much is going on. I still dont know
what my deal is with my emotions. Now when I hang out with
people I just get so bothered by things. Like Joni and I
really dont talk to much or anything anymore. I don't know
I think that things are just changing really fast on my and
it is kind freaking me out.
So Joni and I were fighting because she got mad because i
tols her what was on my mind. Any other time she would say
Michelle never tells me or whatever because she said that
once and then when I tell her whats on my mind she gets all
bent out of shape about it. But we are okay now. She said
that she couldn't just stop being my friend. She is still
my friend and all but I don't know I just feel weird around
her now.
I started hanging out with everyone from work because I
kind of was kicked to the side for a minute so I was like
okay they always ask me to hang out so I will. And we have
so much when we all hang out. It is just great. But I get
high now. Which is kind of weird. But yeah so I went and
got new friends since my other ones were"busy" but now they
are talking crap about I have changed and stuff. But I
think its for the better because I just don't play so much
now. I don't know thats all a big story to tell.
My birthday is 5 days and that is pretty exciting I
guess. It's really not a big deal though because I am just
a year older which doesn't mean anything for real. Just
closer to a legal drinking age or whatever.
Oh so you remember me telling you guys about that Ryan
kid? Well, I talk to him all the time at work and stuff
and I think that is why I started liking him but then he
came up to my school to give his little brother his wallet
and we talked for like half an hour and I just think that
he is a big dork now. But it made my day talking to him so
I guess I still like him but he is diffrent now or
So I got this knew guy that I like but the only problem
is that he is one of my friends boyfriends. I tried to
make myself not like him and stuff but he is just so cute
and nice. But I am not going there because she is my
friend and not only that I wouldn't want that to be done to
me so I am not going to do that to someone else.
Yeah so the whole Ricky thing. We are friends now and he
has a girlfriend or whatever but I think you guys know that
part. Well, he keeps saying stuff to me about us screwing
and stuff which is like okay you have a girlfriend. He
even said it himself I have a girlfriend but I am still
talking about screwing you.
Its all okay or whatever but I will not screw him if he
has a girlfriend. I don't know he is kinda hard to not
just want to jump on. That kind of worries me to because I
know if we hung out I would end up screwing him. But the
thing that bothers me is that the only time that he wants
to talk is when his girlfriend is gone but I have to go
before my mom goes crazy so I will finish on a later date
with that story. Bye

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