listen to my silences
2003-04-16 18:34:30 (UTC)


that was one of my good looks, not one of those evil ones.
lol. i'm really glad that you came here yesterday.
seriously. i'm excited too. i was so relaxed. it was

then i didn't start my homework until eleven o clock, which
wasn't your fault. i went right over to the library after
you left and got my books. then i came back here to help
sara with her homework. that was like nine fifteen when i
got here. we got done with her homework at ten thirty.
fun fun. so i started my homework at eleven. and i got
done at four forty five in the morning. then my aol was
being stupid and it wouldn't let me connect. that
meant i had to get up at six thirty this morning. lovely,
i know. i don't think i did very well on the paper
either. but at least that's over with.

i almost fell asleep in every one of my classes. oh, i
went to print the paper this morning and had a wonderful
time. moore's printer just doesn't work. lowers' printer
is jammed. the library doesn't have word. so i struck
out. my professor let us out early though so i went up to
her office and rigged it so that she could print it off and
so everything's cool. then in math i forgot to bring my
homework notebook, so i lost at least ten points if not
twenty. lovely. hmm... but in poly sci i didn't study
for my quiz and i got them all right. which rocks. and
then i had a discussion with my rel professor which was
really cool too.

all i have left to do today is one final in hkss, which is
really stupid, and a lab to do for it, which will take
maybe fifteen minutes. i'm pretty much not stressed now.
*sigh of relief* but sara's freaking out right now, so i
need to go. love and smiles to all!

final thought: if shame had a face i think it would kind of
look like mine. if it had a home would it be my eyes?