Remember to Breathe
2003-04-16 18:25:33 (UTC)

20...the number of minutes it took you to infatuate me

With the entire Brett thing on the way out, I am finding
my entries getting shorter and shorter. Is that what my
daily happenings came down to every day for the past
month? How completely sad. Last night was Matt's 21st
birthday, and I think he had a great time. However, you
know how you get extremely emotional when completely
beligerent? He started crying, and I felt for him
completely. I am sure he is fine by now and on his way
home for Easter break. I can relate to him in a lot of
ways, he is just as heartbroken as I am if not more. I am
so glad that he has a girlfriend right now though, it
keeps him floating in the ocean of life. Wow, that line
was deep, I should use that again sometime. I have so
much to do today, I should really dig down deep and find
some ambition. As for my love life, which this diary has
kept records of for the past while, well it is now once
again at a stand still. Now all I can do is sigh and hope
for a change. Happy Easter.

"There are things that used to make me smile. One of them
was you for just a little while. You left me for dead so
far away. I replaced you with fear and shame."
-Alkaline Trio-
"Stupid Kid"