Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-04-16 13:06:34 (UTC)

a god day at QUT

Hey! Today was cool. I had a good one. Nothing super
special or anything it was just bizarro for some reason and
I really put myself in a good mood. hmm I watched this
episode of Star Trek that I have to do an assignment on.
Man, Star Trek (the original episodes) is so cool to watch.
One Reason: It is so lame ass... i mean the filming
techniques, the acting, the diaolgue and situations are so
lame that I just can't get enough of them... it's kinda
like how I sometimes get into these "bold and the
beautiful" circles where I just watch the show for weeks on
end.. and then it just stops. Another Reason: It holds so
many politically relevant concepts to the era when it was
made... like a lot of things in refernece to the Vietnam
war situations, the hippies and the Cold War especially.
Hmmm quite fascinating.. I am gonna do a Marxist analysis
on the episode that I watched for my media text
assignment... should be interesting. Hmmm well me and Phil
wagged the first half of our Creative Industries lecture
(major boring crap) so that we could get another viewing of
the Star Trek Episode. (ooooh we are so hardcore) but a
good thing was that we went to the second half of the
lecture, because we got to watch this very cool and
absolutely hillarious film made by students from the
university of California called "George Lucas In Love", it
was like this take-off story of "Shakespeare in Love" but
it was about George Lucas writing his screenplay for "Star
Wars" It was so cool. heheh. I wanna make films again.. I
won't be able to do that until my final year at uni when i
do my media production electives. hmmm I also had a poetry
exam today for my creative Writing class... i wrote a
series of ten haiku's on Snails. heheh... it was pretty
cool.. the whole thing was about me trying to relate my own
existence to that of a snail... and it was
called "considering snails".. it was fun to write.. I hope
I get a decent mark... also my tutorial for creative
writing went alright... I kept on making these good calls,
and I wasn't even bloody trying to be funny, i mean they
kept on coming to me, and I got to shut down this girl who
was saying stuff like how I was pulling my analysis's out
of my arse... but I shut her down hooray!... and it was a
full intelectual shuting down which is always better than
saying something like "yeah.. well you're ugly"... hooray!
Ummm yes I love "Taxi Driver" I am reading this book on the
film becasue I am going to write and analysis review on it
in the cult film section in "Altazine" (advertise your work
Michael, advertise your work!) and yeah it's so fascinating
the whole effect that the film has had on things in the
world. Like the film directly influenced an asassination
attempt on Ronal Reagan in 1981... that is insane... I love
the fact that film can be such a powerful form of art.. I'm
not condoning asassination attempts... but I do admire the
fact that film could be so powerful as to evoke such a
thing. Hmmm... I wanna make movies... I was talking to Gab
tonight and I was saying that if I had like $10,000 I would
seriously think about dropping out of uni and just buying
this equipment for me to make my own quality ameteur films
while working part time to finance them... that would be
cool.. I think I might do that once I leave Uni anyways.
hmmmmmm. YAY! I am gonna be a star.. My brother is becoming
very cool.. I have groomed him into having good tastes in
things... heheh...no seriously Nathan (my brother) is a
very cool guy.. his diary is funny! heheh! anyways I gotta
go to uni tommorrow... yay and then I might be seeing Lara.
Haven't seen her in ages.. That will be awesome... but for
now.. bubye!