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2003-04-16 06:52:35 (UTC)

this is going to be one of..

this is going to be one of those pointless entries so you
might as well stop reading now otherwise im sorry for
wasting a few minutes of your time.
the first thing i have to say is what is the opposite of
a peanut?? this was a stupid pointless question that came
up in a conversation i had tonight and it has been stuck
in my head. i mean seriously what could it be? the only
answer that made some what sense was a "poonut" and im not
sure what that is or if its actually a real thing. but
then those who have nasty minds might be able to figure it
i decided to try and change another thing about myself.
my temper. i have a bad temper and i get pissed off a lot
so from now on im gonna try my hardest not to get mad at
things so easily. im not sure how im gonna do this because
certain people just piss me off but im gonna do it. maybe
ill put a rubber band on my wrist and snap it whenever im
feeling angry. thats about it on that thought.
Im also going to try and be less picky, im such a picky
person. especially if its with food. today at meijer i was
just so judgmental on the food it was ridiculous.
my friends are mad because im having sex with this guy
im dating. they just dont like the guy, i guess i
understand where they are coming from but there story
doesnt fit me. ive known the guy for a long time and right
now im happy. they just dont want me to get hurt but i can
garuntee i will hurt him before he hurts me. its because i
dont get attached
well im done. bye