purple star

Never once spoken
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2003-04-16 06:47:04 (UTC)

I'm Back

the sun sets, it crackles. electricity from the grey. on
the window pane creases emerge from the rain. a silhouette
is seen dancing in the fire. embers burn as maroon. (she)
cant make it out but. cold winds. warm water. her mood
changes with the tide. a butterfly soars and she feels
emotion again. the black enters and death follows.
standing screaming at the edge. (she) looks behind her and
sees a being beckoning. her feet slip through the cracks.
death is below. fall. fall. death is better than that
being beckoning. she is caught. (she) fears to open her
eyes. the being. finally forces open her eyes. (she) has
been caught. by life.

*if you have a question about this ask* i think i am most
proud of this one. i havent written like that in ages.
thanks for the encouragement jeff. love!!!!

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