Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-04-16 06:07:27 (UTC)


i am the writ word upon the page,
i have been blinded by the page,
i cannot find the pen with which
to write on the page, the page is
a blank slate, my eyes glue them
selves to the slate, and remark
that the slate is clean, the slate
is what it is, and i am the pen
when the pen writes, i too need
to be grounded, as the page on
the desk where the pen lies is
as well, i too need to be there

i sit on the chair, the cushion
on the chair feels the weight, i
am that weight, my mind toils, i
toil, i am the pen which with the
page must wait until the blindness
which has followed the memory of
time, memory is the wandering lives
of the wicked and the sorrowful
i am that wandlust, the pen is my
engine, i am grounded, the chair
is there, i wonder, where am i
who has been blinded by the page
which is white and blank and clear