for show and tell
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2003-04-16 05:27:02 (UTC)

I don't know. Look, I don't.

I ate some 'cheddar cheese soup'. It's like eating fucking
nacho cheese..... melted. Melted, for doG's
sake. I.. man... it's disgusting. It really is. And now I
feel partly ill. Stuffed my face with tortillas to help
some of it go down, but man... it's like eating peanut
butter that tastes particularly bad. It's just... ugh... I
also feel very lonely. Both here, at home, and on the
internet. It seems no matter what, people just...
don't like me. Don't want to talk. It's amazing. I feel
totally and completely out of place. I do like
solitary situations and I do like being left alone.
But I miss company. I want it sometimes, and I either get
it all the time or not at all. It's a shame. Why can't
people just get it in regulation? When they want it, when
they don't... You're SOL or uncomfortable; a catch 22.

Hey Joe, whaddya know?

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