Montana bound
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2003-04-16 04:29:57 (UTC)

And now, we wait

Well, I finally did it. Sort of. I actually got up
the guts to call Allison today. Just my luck, she wasn't
home. When the answering machine came on, I hung up as
quickly as those guys you see in movies who can't even
say "hi" to the girl in school. I'm not quite that bad,
thankfully. The fact that I've known, liked, and even
better, actually gotten along and been friends with her for
a few years definitely helps. Anyway, so I waited about
45, maybe 50 minutes (Hell, it may have been an hour for
all I know), then called again. Gotta' "play it cool," you
know. Once again, no one answered. At least this time I
had the guts to leave a message. I'll be honest, I had
been rehearsing it since I hung up the first time, but I
think I did well. Told her that it was me, and I know it
was kind of out of the blue (since she started going to
Grantsville we really haven't seen each other much, it's
only recently that I started seeing her in random places
and she came to mind again), but I was just wondering what
she was up to and asked her to give me a call. As I've
come to expect from myself, as soon as I hung up, I
realized that I had forgotten to leave my number. I'm
pretty sure she can find it, and if not, I'm sure I'll call
again tomorrow. I'd like to flatter myself into thinking
she already knows it, but that's setting my hopes just a
little too high.
And now, I wait. Yes, the idea has occurred to me that
maybe she's gone on vacation or something for the week.
It's not like that's going to crush my dream. I've already
broken my own ice of shyness by leaving her a message, I
figure I'll call again tomorrow and see what happens.
Hopefully, she's home and willing to do something. If not,
well, I don't want to think about that right now.
Denial. Gotta' love it.

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