Life, no one gets out alive?
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2003-04-16 03:41:01 (UTC)

While I was gone

It has been a while since I have updated and wooohooo a lot
of things have changed. Since like august I have been
diagnosed with a third, yes I said third, heart problem. I was being
stupid and cutting again. And family has gone through a major heart
sugurey(no not me) a breast cancer scare(not done with it yet) and me
failing school last semester. I started to reach out for help with my
depression and I'm not going to die of my heart exploding like I
thought . . .which I'm not sure I made apparent. But, now I'm
thinking it may have been even longer since I have update, but the
fear of loosing my post thusfar prevents me from checking.
But I have come out of the bi closet to quite a few
friends. I a seeing a boy(this defeats coming out I know)
that i have known since like 6 years ago and he is 2 years
my younger. I've been getting a lot of shit for it too.
But o-well. We are just having fun and we are both
consenting adults so everyone can bite me(be careful I
might like it). I am now on celexa, I am learning all I can
because I don't want to end up like everyone else who is on
anti-whatevers and be a zombie or loose my sex drive, I
like sex (but don't we all). O-well I guess it is kinda
late and I should be slumbering (I know it isn't a word in
that usage!) so I shall bid the all adue(sp?)!

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