insane inside 2
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2003-04-16 03:34:06 (UTC)

the week of april 14th

for the past few days iv been pretty busy.friday i was
grounded but still high..saterday i tripped my ass off on
CcC but it was a bad trip i felt like i was gunna die,
then later that day when my trip went down we went with
some kevin kid n we smoked some 51er blunts...n snorted
some coke!!! and i cant remember sunday...n monday me n
tonya had darrin pick us up n we went to kevins agen then
me n tonya got some coke n we snorted it i love it soo
much!!!! and today i found out paul n dorthey made out n
shit @ some party...i want to be pissed but i cant...n i
was thinking of going back out with paul but then tonya
was all over his balls today..but im not stressin it to
much i want my snookie bear back i miss being able to love
paul!!! but then i love being able to love johnny may b i
should play i couldent to that to paul!!! god i
hate this shit!

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