Love is an Addiction
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2003-04-16 02:26:30 (UTC)

Its My Birthday And I got 1 Wish...

Dear Diary,

Its April 15,2003 and its my birthday!!!I have 71$ so far
and thats just from my parents.I love my birthday because
of all the attention I get on my birthday.I get some from
jonathon 2.I don't want u to think I am obsessed with hi
cuz I'm not I just love him what can I say.But ne ways on
to my point Its my 14th birthday and i wished........U have
to swear not to tell....that me and jonathon would get bac
together.I took a deep breath and blew all the candles out
in one breath!!isn't it said that if U blow them all out in
one blow that your wish will come true!!!! I hope mine
does.Is that so much to ask 4 him to love me again thats
all I want.just to be in his arms again and be happy my
life would b perfect.All it takes is for him to say yes if
I ask him out.But I don't know when and I don't know wether
he'll say no or yes.I miss hm sooooo much!!! hes grounded
off the phone so I miss him I wanna talk 2 him.I want my
baby bac!!!
PS.Happy Birthday 2 me i know thats what your gonna say