16 years old and lost in life?
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2003-04-16 01:16:36 (UTC)

Why we don't hang with you

So the question i asked why don't u ppl seem to have the
time tohang w/ me nemore, i was shocked when i heard the
answer : Because Katie you are just a summer gurl we don't
want to hang w/ you; if thatwas you what would be your
response to thaT? i guess i really didn't have one. Then
they start tearing into my friend this was starting to get
to be too much so i freakedout on 2 of them...told them to
shut the fuck up or just never talk 2 me again. So i
apologized last night, for some reason why i shold
apologize i don't know..but i did, andwhat happendigot told
off again, if you guys had this happen what would u do??
please help