Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-04-16 00:54:25 (UTC)


First off SB is Spring Break. And yesterday was funn me
and Suzy went to Long Branch Park and rode around. Then we
went to her house and Mom made awesome food!! THen later on
that night we went to the mall with AuntChelle and she
bought clothes and me and Suzy walked around trying to find
Lane Bryant. then we went home after going to Old Navy.
Me and Suzy colored pretty picz again and made yummy
brownies. then we went to bed cuz we was sleepy!!!
Today, Me, Suzy, and AuntChelle went to the Rv show and
then to Poppy's house to go 4-Wheeling. But we could only
go 2 miles an hour lol until we were out of sight then we
went like 15 mphs. It was much fun but not as much as
Sunday. Now Sunday was great!!!! any way not much eles to
say besides I NEED A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!