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2003-04-16 00:34:39 (UTC)

A light at the end of the tunnel

Well I haven’t talked about this much, but my husband and
I are having problems. Huge problems and this may sound
reversed but he doesn’t make love to me and doesn’t enjoy
being with me. It’s been over 3 months since I have even
had a kiss. I have talked with him and told him my
feelings to no avail. A few months back we decided a
divorce was best and I haven’t been able to deal very well
with it. Until I met Jamie; he was in a chat room one
night in yahoo and messaged me. Life at this point was
hard and difficult because I was ill and about to go into
surgery. Well, being the sweet guy he is talked to me and
comforted me and my concerns with the surgery. Once I
recovered to the point that I could be sociable again. I
met him in person, and I fell in love with him right away.
I haven’t told him this because I don’t want to scare him
away or freak him out. So I continued to see him *my
husband also has a girlfriend we are only waiting on our
house to sell before we file* and each time I see him I
feel better about myself, and I feel like I’m actually
cared about and wanted. Well last night I stayed the night
with him and of course we had sex. But the part I enjoyed
the most was being in his arms, and watching him sleep. He
has the softest touch and the most gorgeous eyes I have
ever seen. I wasn’t looking for anything serious.. and not
sure I am now either.. but I want him.. and I think of
him.. alllll of the time.. 

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