Remember to Breathe
2003-04-15 22:00:18 (UTC)

19...same age as i

Tonight is Matt's birthday party. The boy is already
turning 21, crazy stuff. We are all going out to eat
Chinese at 6:30, and I haven't even showered yet today, so
I have to make this entry short too. I am lost for how to
make some kind of closure with Brett. I don't feel like I
should even bring anything up again. It seems so
pointless now that I actually said something, twice. It's
so disappointing I guess, and I just don't understand.
But, hey, what else can I do. The semester is almost
over, which scares me more than anything, and I have
sacrificed my schooling, my grades, homework, studying,
all to have a great time with my friends. There's no
telling how important this semester will turn out to be
later on in the future, but right now I feel very
irresponsible. I also feel alone, even with many good
friends. It's a very strange feeling. I am very up in
the air right now, as far as this summer, this semester,
and this boy.

"I can't remember to remember to forget you forgot me."
-Modest Mouse-
"A Different City"