The void
2003-04-15 20:53:14 (UTC)

ooohh arty

hehehe i went with my mum to the Tate Modern today! i
thought it'd be a waste of time looking at a pile of old
tat stuck on the fuckin wall or something, but it wasn't!
there were some really clever imaginative things in there!
and then again some downright perverted,sick and scary
things.some bits were really annoying. how the hell can
anyone throw some paint randomly at a wall and call it art?
mind you,i did see some fantastic photographs of city
scapes and just ordinary things like people or animals or
even someones washing!to an unimaginative person they would
seem bland and pointless but once u look closely it all
comes to life and i was actually INSPIRED! so, as a result
i have decided to take up and white. and
what did i discover in the cupboard today? a fucking
it but it's gonna come in bloody useful in my 'beginning
stages'. first of all i have decided to look at buildings
and architecture (can't spell that!) then i'll move on to
something more challenging. maybe this is the one thing i
need to make me a bit more creative. yeah i make my own
clothes and design rooms but i've always wanted to have
something that i'm really good at (and this may be it!)so
iv;e asked my mum to take the camera to work to get her
photographer friend to have a look at it and send me set of
instructions (we have none for the camera so we don't
really know how to use the damn thing!)then, my mum's going
to get me a black and white film and i'll get skye to help
me think of a place to start. i was walking under the
london eye today and i looked up when i was directly under
it and said to my mum "there...that's the perfect shot"
right up the middle of the structure with the sun casting a
shadow on half of it. NICE!so i may just become little miss
artsy photographer um...snob! hahaha!
anyway the rest of today we spent in St Pauls Cathedral.
and oh my god are there stairs in that place?!500 odd
stairs and me and mother walked up ALL of them! i was
shitting myself all the way to the top (well i've never
been a fan of heights) but when we got right to the very
tip of the was amazing.the view was just
breathtaking and i could even see a patch of grass with
some cows in it in the distance! bloddy good for london if
u ask me! in side the cathedral were tombs of all the
famous war people (for want of a better word) florence
nightingale was there amoung Nelson and cardinal
woolsey.there tombs were brilliantly sculptured and i fell
in love with two huge stone angels that were guarding
another tomb!hehe!
we walked all the way along the south bank today and the
weather was really nice!hopefully me and skye will have a
nice day there tomorrow. yes...i am going there again
tomorrow. i'm taking skye to see all the distorted nude
people, the pointless scraps of metal, ad the distrubing,
perverted paintings in the tate modern. you never know she
may be able to help me look through the photography books
and spot something i like! :)