Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-04-15 18:49:19 (UTC)


This week its been I've been real lazy, lots of time to
think and really plan on what i'm suppose to do. Earlier
today I Alexa rang me up and saying that if I had anything
to do, I said I had no plans so she asked me in if wanted
to be a film that she was doing. I was like yeah ok. At
around 11am she told me that filming was cancelled and that
it was reschedule in a fortnight.
Emily rang me up today, saying that she had a new number
and was telling me what happened yesterday when she met up
with some old friends. She tried to invite me but um forgot
to (silly emily ^_^), shame i missed it, sounded like fun.
There have been a few people who are "interested" in me
lemme give a brief introduction to each.
Charles- comes from Stratford, London, met on Faceparty. My
erm "first". Down to earth, have alot in common, yeah a
good buddy.
Steve- this guy has been texting me for the last few days
wanna get to know me and stuff. He lives in Plumstead, bi
curious and wants to meet (from faceparty). Don't know him
too well.
Andrew- from Harlow in essex (guess where i met him?), hes
well nice, kept in contact with him, I think i'm gonna stay
with him one night this Thursday. Tell you how it all goes.
See ya later