evil thoughts
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2003-04-15 18:33:40 (UTC)

my life is ruined

my ex and i had sex last nite...even tho he knows i got a
b/f. its not fair. i dunno if he has any diseases or aids
or something. he didnt even use protection. now i have all
of these ppl on my back talking to me about abstinance and
all that other bs. he popped my cherry, took my virginity,
and caused me a lot of emotional distress. argh. i shouldnt
have let him do it. i was afraid to say "no". i was scared.
nervous. confused. i dont know anymore. im about to kill
myself for letting him do that to me. and if i see him
before i do that, hes gonna die too.
luv always,
the lost girl.

ps: this may be my last entry. if not...it will be a
miracle that i survived the state that im in.