listen to my silences
2003-04-15 18:18:07 (UTC)

get to work

should be doing my wc paper. and the research for it. oh,
happy b-day to me yesterday. woo hoo. nineteen. big
fun. riiiggghhht...

i did get my rel paper done. it was actually fun. crazy,
i know.

btw, you're riddles are great...and OBVIOUS. lol. only to
me though, right? lol.

k well someone's coming down to see me. that's exciting.

bro, i need to talk to you. sorry i missed you yesterday.

jon, hope today was good. just think...only three more
days. it'll all be okay. don't stress. you like her, she
likes you, who cares what anyone else thinks? i know you
think you have to, but you don't. cause when you start
then you stop being yourself. and that hurts worst of all.

k i'm out to do my hw. later!

final thought: i've had so many stand-offs with you