Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
2003-04-15 11:08:29 (UTC)

One week and a day

That's how many days I got until my operation. I'm only
anxious at the moment, nothing less... Well, I'm kindda
scared, but that's to be expected when one's having the
first operation in her (or his) life, right?
Well, right now, I'm just anxious and a little scared and
annoyed at myself because... I chatted to "J" today and I
was actually feeling uncomfortable for the first few
minutes we were chatting. I don't know why, but... him
having a girlfriend now kindda... irks me a little. I mean,
I know he has the right to choose whoever girlfriend he
wants. But... I don't know. Maybe I expected to much of it
all. The thing is, I wasn't exactly overjoyed when he said
that he was gonna go talk to his gf while we were chatting.
I was just looking forward to chatting with him.
And I didn't tell him about my feelings. I just don't wanna
end whatever friendship we have. I think I must have
underestimated myself, because I actually do like him... as
in, I'd like him to be more than a friend. But, oh well,
what can I do now. Nothing.
I better go. I gotta take a shower and try to think about
something else besides "J" and the operation. Maybe I'll do
my assignment 'cause I know I won't have time to do it next
week. Well, take care all!!


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