skankin jesse

what a world
2003-04-15 07:51:20 (UTC)

A wet, wild and chicken filled day

Well today was very very fun. I went to knotts with
cristal, Ashley, and Chris. We got so wet and we had so
much fun. The only thing is that we all were tired. We went
on almost every ride that they had open. I wish Susie or
Denise was there it would have made the day even better. We
saw this saloon show and we also went on the log ride like
3 times, boomerang 2 times, the dragon swing 2 times, Ghost
rider only once, the groin buster aka supreme scream once
and a couple of other rides. I ate so much too. I had
chicken, chicken strips, a chesseburger, mashed potatoes,
chicken fried steak, bosenberry punch, soup, biscuts, and
some other things. Today was so much fun. Then after I left
Cristals i walked up the block to my friend davids, and we
played these card games, ate again, played pool, played
ping pong, and had a ping pong ball war. It was cool. So
today overall was fun.

Question of the day: Is Susie having fun in texas?

Song of the day: "If you really want to hear about it" by
the ataris.

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